Faculty: Sowjanya


24 Hours Lab, Unlimited WiFi Access

|Duration: 45 Hours


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v  What is Database?

v  DBMS Concepts

v  Different Database Models

o    Understanding data storage in HDBMS

o    Understanding Data Storage in NDBMS

v  Different Between SQL Server and Oracle

v  RDBMS Concepts

o    Understanding CODD Rules

v  Types of Versions in SQL Server

SQL Server Data Bases

v  System Databases

v  User Databases

User Databases

v  Creating Database using Management Manager

v  Creating Database Using Query Analyzer


v  Data Definition Language

v  Using Constraints

o    Domain Integrity

o    Referential Integrity

o    User Define Integrity

o    Primary Key

o    Unique Key

o    Not Null

o    Check

o    Referential Integrity (Foreign Key)

v  Performing DML Operations

v  Operators In SQL Server

o    Arithmetic

o    Conditional

o    Logical

v  Clauses In SQL Server

o    Where, Group By, Having and Order By

v  What are Joins In SQL Server

o    Inner Join

o    Outer Join(Left, Right and Full)

o    Self Join

o    Cross Join

v  Sub – Queries

o    What is Sub – Queries

o    Types of Sub – Queries

v  Transaction Control Language

o    Auto Commit Transaction

o    Save Point

o    Rollback Transaction

v  Data Control Language

o    Grant

o    Revoke

o    Deny

v  Views

o    Type of View

o    Creation Views

o    With Check Options

o    Alter Views

o    Dropping Views

T- SQL Programs

v  Stored Procedures

o    Creating Stored Procedures

o    Using Parameters in Stored procedures

o    Modifying Stored Procedures

o    Dropping Stored Procedures


o    Predefine Functions

o    User Defined Functions

o    Scalar valued Functions

o    Table Valued Functions

v  Indexes

o    What is Index

o    Types of Indexes

v  Cursors

o    Types of Cursors

o    Define Cursor – using T-SQL

o    Open Cursor

o    Fetching rows from Cursors

o    Close Cursors

v  Triggers

o    Creating Trigger

o    Types of Trigger

o    Altering Trigger

o    Nested Trigger

o    Dropping Trigger


o    Creating Database Objects

o    Creating Job

o    Import/Export Data

v  Security

o    Login

o    Permission

o    Roles