Introduction To ERP

Introduction to SAP ERP System

Architecture of SAP R/3 System

                SAP R/3 System Landscape

                Implementation Life Cycle

                Role of Technical Consultant in Customizations


Getting Started with SAP R/3 System

Logon to SAP R/3 System

                Structure of SAP R/3 Applications

                Introduction to ABAP Workbench

                ABAP Programming basics with Conventions


ABAP Development Workbench Tools Introduction

ABAP Editor Tool

                ABAP Dictionary Tool, Data Browser Tool

                Object Browser Tool, Function Builder Tool

Screen Painter Tool, Menu Painter Tool

                Transport Organizer tool.


Basic ABAP /4 Programming Techniques

Data Types, Data Objects, Special Data Objects

                Variants, Field Strings, Internal Tables

                Database Concepts, Open SQL Statements


Working with ABAP Dictionary

DB Tables, Domains, Data Elements, Type Groups

Views, Structures, Search Helps, Lock Objects


Modularization Programming Techniques



 Function Modules

Macros, Field Symbols


ABAP Reports

Introduction to Reports, Programming Events

 Selection Screen Formatting, Classical Reports

  Interactive Reports, LDB Reports, ALV Reports

  SAP Query Reports, Graphical Reports


Dialog Programming ( TRANSACTIONS )                          

Introduction to Screen Painter tool

                Screen Designing, Flow Logic

                Logical Unit of Work ( LUW )

                Developing Applications using Controls

                                Push Buttons, Radio Buttons

                                Check Boxes, Sub Screens

                                Tab Strips, Table Controls

                                Custom Controls


Data Transfers Techniques ( Interface Programming )

                File Handling on Presentation Systems - Function Modules

                File Handling on Application Servers   - Open Datasets

                Introduction to BDC Recording

                                Call Transaction Method with Error Handling

                                Session method

                BDC Using Table Controls

                LSMW – Legacy Systems Migration Workbench tool



Introduction to SAP Scripts

                Designing of Layouts using SAP Script tool

                Uploading Company Logos

Working with Styles & Texts

                Working with Paragraphs & Character Formats

                Creation of Driver Programs

                Modifying Pre defined SAP Script Layouts

                Introduction to SMARTFORMS

                Designing the Layouts using Smartforms

                Writing Print programs            

                Debugging the Scripts & Smartforms



                Introduction to Enhancements

                Working with

User Exits, Menu Exits,

Function Exits, Field Exits.

                                Introduction to Business Addins





                Runtime Analysis

                SQL Tracer

                Version Management

                Background Job Scheduling

                Memory Management


Cross Applications  Training Contents



Introduction to Distribution Environment

                Technologies Involved in Cross Applications


RFC -  ( Remote Function Call )

                Introduction to RFC

                Configuring RFC ( R/3 to R/3 )


ALE  - ( Application Linking & Enabling )

                Introduction to ALE Technology

                Introduction to IDOCs

                Configuring ALE interface ( R/3 to R/3 )

                Outbound Processing

                Inbound Processing

                Error Handling in ALE

                Transferring Master Data between R/3 to R/3 systems

                                Executable Method

                                Change Pointer Method                                                                                                                           

IDOC - ( Intermediate Document )

                Introduction to IDOC

                IDOC Structure

                Development of IDOC Types

                IDOC Processing

                                Outbound Process

                                Inbound Process

                Monitoring IDOCs

                IDOC Testing


BAPI - ( Business Application Programming Interface )

                Introduction to BAPI

                Business Framework

                Working with BAPI Explorer


                R/3 to VB Data Accessing using BAPI Technology

                Creation of BUSINESS OBJECT & BAPI

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