Setting Up the User Interface             

Setting up the UI and search options


Getting Your Organization Ready for Users    

Setting up the Company Profile

Configuring the UI

Configuring search settings


Setting Up and Managing Users        

Managing user profiles

Managing users

Troubleshooting login issues


Security and Data Access    

Restricting logins

Determining Object access

Setting up Record access

Creating a Role Hierarchy

Dealing with Record access exceptions

Managing field-level security


Customization: Fields          

Administrating standard Fields

Creating new custom Fields

Creating selection Fields: Pick lists and Lookups

Creating Formula Fields

Working with Page Layouts

Working with Record Types and business processes

Maintaining data quality


Managing Data    

Import Wizards

Data loader

Mass transfer

Backing up data

Mass delete and the Recycle Bin


Reports and Dashboards    

Running and modifying reports

Creating new reports with the Report Builder

Working with Report Filters

Summarizing with Formulas and Visual Summaries

Printing, exporting, and emailing reports

Building dashboards



Workflow rules

Lead and case automation



Chatter and Chatter Free

Email administration and email templates

Tracking tasks and events



Sales Cloud


           Generate a list of discovery questions for requirements gathering

           Design a lead management process

           Design a sales funnel

           Design a custom SFA solution

           Build a strong pipeline

           Manage the funnel

           Full visibility with reports & dashboards

           Extend the solution with advanced features, AppExchange applications, & other

           Plan a project kickoff


Service Cloud


           Case management

           Streamlined case resolution process

           Self-learning knowledge database

           Reports to ensure service never skips a beat

           Plan for data migration, integration

           Plan for requirements gathering

           Design a case routing process

           Design a case management process

           Design solutions to address usability

           Design a knowledge management structure

Application on SF cloud

           Set up a secure environment

           Set up data management practices to ensure trusted data quality

           Provide full visibility with reports & dashboards

           Understand the advanced concepts, applications, & customizations available to

Complement a CRM solution

           Modify existing security settings

           Design home pages that minimize clicks to get to data

           Create a data migration plan

            Learn about the capabilities of the Visualforce


           Incorporate Visualforce pages into Salesforce

           Construct expression bindings and incorporate

           Salesforce into Visualforce pages with Visualforce tags

           Use Visualforce tags to create page layouts,

           input forms, output tables, custom components,

           and more

           Create partial page refreshes on JavaScript events

           Learn about the functionality that comes with

           Visualforce standard controllers

           Using Apex to create customer controller