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SSIS- SQL Server Integration Services


Planning for ETL

            Source Identify Data Source and Destinations

            Evaluating Data

            Identity Staging Requirements

Planning an SSIS Solutions

            Planning Packages

            Planning Package Development

            Designing Package Control Flow

Designing Data Flow

            Understanding Data Flow

            Designing Data Flow Operations

            Handling Data Chances

Logging Error Handling and Reliability

            Logging ETL Operations

            Handling Errors in SSIS

            Implementing Reliable Packages

Optimizing an SSIS Solutions

            Monitoring SSIS Packages

            Optimizing SSIS Packages

            Scaling out SSIS Packages

Deploying and Operating an SSIS Solutions

            Deploying SSIS Packages

            Operating an SSIS Solution


SSAS- SQL Server Analysis Services


Introduction to MICROSOFT SQL-SERVER 2005 Analysis Services

            Overview of Data Analysis Solutions

            Over of SQL SERVER 2005 Analysis Services

            Installing SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

Creating Multimensional Analysis Solution     

            Developing Analysis Services Solutions

            Data Sources and Data Sources Views

            Creating a Cube.

Working with Dimensions

            Configuring Dimension

            Defining Hierarchies

            Sorting and Grouping Attributes

Working with measure and Measure Groups

            Working with Measure

            Working with Measure Groups

Querying Multidimensional Analysis Solutions

            MDX Fundamentals

            Adding Calculations to a cube

Customizing Cube Functionality

            Implementing Key Performance Indicators

            Implementing Actions

            Implementing Perspectives

            Implementing Translations

Deploying and Securing an Analysis Services Database

            Deploying an Analysis Services Database

            Securing an Analysis Services Database

Maintaining a Multidimensional Solutions

            Configuring Processing Settings

            Logging Monitoring and Optimizing an Analysis Services Solutions

            Backing Up and Restoring an Analysis Service Database

Introduction to Data Mining

            Overview of Data Mining

            Creating a Data Mining Solutions

            Validating Data Mining Models



Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

            Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services

            Reporting Services Tools

Authoring Basic Reports

            Creating a Basic Table Report

            Formatting Report Pages

            Calculating Values

Enhancing Basic Reports

            Interactive Navigations

            Displaying Data

Manipulating Data Sets

            Defining Report Data

            Using Parameters and Filters

            Using Parameters lists

Publishing and Executing Reports

            Executing Reports

            Creating Cached Instance

            Creating Snapshots and Report History

Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports

            Introduction to Report Subscriptions

            Creating Report Subscriptions

            Managing Report Subscriptions