Faculty: ANIL


24 Hours Lab, Unlimited WiFi Access

|Duration: 45 Hours


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Introduction to Data Warehousing Concepts

Concept of Schemas

§         Star Schema

§         Snowflake Schema

Different Roles of Cognos

Cognos Introduction

§         What is Cognos and advantage of cognos

§         Cognos Software and Hard ware Requirments

Cognos Architecture

§         What is the Architecture?

§         Types of Tiers(Layers)

§         What is Web Tier?

§         What is Application Tier?

§         What is Data Tier?

Different Products in Cognos

Framework Manager (Metadata Modeling)

§         Introduction to Framework Manager

§         Framework Manager Work flow Process diagram

§         What is the project and how to create the project?

§         What is the Model and how to create the model?

§         How to create the Business Model and Diagram?

§         What is the package and how to create the package?

§         What is Query Subject and types of Query Subjects?

§         How to Merge Two Related Query Subjects in project?

§         How to Publish the Package to Cognos Server?

How to Access Multiple Databases at a time in Project?

§         How to create new database in business layer

How Many Types of SQL Supported By Cognos

§         Cognos SQL

§         Native SQL

§         Pass through SQL

§         What is Governor and types of Governors Properties

Report Studio

What is Web base and types of Web based Components

1.Congos Connection

2.Report Studio

3.Query Studio

4.Analysis Studio

5.Event Studio

What is the Report and types of Reports?

1.List Report

2.Cross Tab Report

3.Chart Report

4.Maps Report

5.Repeater Report

How to Generate the Reports

1.How to Generate List Report

2.How to Generate Cross tab Report

3.How to Generate Chart Report

4.How to Generate Maps Report

5.How to Generate Repeater Report

6.What is Group and Advantage of Group

7.Convert List Report to Cross tab Report

8.Convert List Report to Repeater Report

How to Save the Reports in Two ways

1.What is Public Folder

2.What is Private Folder

3.What is Section and Advantage of Section

4.What is Header and Footer

5.What is Calculation and date format

6.How to Merging the Data cells

7.What is Dash Boards and advantages of Dash Boards      

8.What is the filter and types of filters

Formatting Reports

1.Report Layout Guidelines

2.Font, Styles and Borders

3.Insert Objects

4.Applying Table Styles

5.Swap Columns and Rows

Different Prompts

1.What is prompt and types of prompts

2.What is Cascading Prompt type of cascading prompt

3.Single Select & Auto submit Cascading prompt

4.Multi Select & Re prompt Cascading Prompt

5.How to Scheduling the report

6.How to Give Master detail Relationship

Drill through Reports

1.What is drill through and types of drill through

2.Drill Parent & Creation of Drill Parent

3.Drill Child & Creation of Drill Child

4.What is Conditional Formatting

Query Studio

1.Introduction to Query Studio

2.Create Reports (List, Grouped List, Cross tab report, charts)

3.Changing the Appearance of Reports (format)

4.Sorting & Grouping

5.Appling Template

Analysis Studio

1.Introduction to Analysis Studio

2.Creating a Basic Analysis

3.Working with data in cross tab

4.Exploring Data

5.Calculating Data

Event Studio

1.Introduction to Event Studio

2.Working with Cognos connections

Impromptu EP7 Series & CRN (First Version of Cogno’s)

1.Impromptu Administrator

2.Power play Transformer

3Power play Report Schedule