Faculty: KUMAR


24 Hours Lab, Unlimited WiFi Access

|Duration: 30 Hours


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     Importance of BA in the industry

     Roles and Responsibilities of BA

     Skills required for the role

     Deliverables of a BA

     How is the current market for BA

Gathering Information

     Identifying system stakeholders

     Interviewing methods

     Using questionnaires

     Document analysis and observation

     Workshop facilitation using Joint Application Design (JAD) techniques


     What is a Software project

     What is SDLC

     Different phases of SDLC

     How as a BA we get involved in different phases of SDLC

Use Cases

     What is a Use Case

     Different sections of a use case document

     How to prepare a use case document

     Use Case Templates

     Real life example of a use case document

Flow Chart with Microsoft Visio

     What is flow chart diagram

     Different symbols used in a Flow chart diagram

     How flow chart diagram is used in a software project

     How flow chart diagrams can be draws using Microsoft Visio

     Real life example of a flow chart diagram

Software Engineering Methods

     Waterfall methodology

     Rational Unified Process - RUP

     Agile Methodology


     What is UML

     Why it is used

     UML Diagrams (Activity, Use Case and Sequence)

BA Role in Testing

        What is testing?

        Phases of Testing,

        Scenarios in Testing,

        BA Role in Testing,

        Test Case Problem Statement template,

        Test Case Solution template

Functional Requirements

        What are functional requirements

        What is the significance of functional requirements

        How the functional requirements are gathered

        Functional requirements document template

Non Functional Requirements

        What are non functional requirements

        What is the significance of non functional requirements

        How the non functional requirements are gathered

        Non functional requirements document template

   Functional Requirements vs. Non Functional Requirements

Types of Documentations

        Business Requirement Documents

        Functional Requirement Documents

        System Design Documents

        Technical Specification Documents


        Common BA questions asked in an interview

        Help in CV Preparation

        How to answer the interview questions

        Mock Interviews

        Tacking the next -- getting a job

Trainer conducts Mock Interviews to simulate a real time interview scenario